Animation & Motion Graphics

Complex to Concise
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Do you have a complex concept you need to explain quickly and effectively?

Animation is a great tool for breaking down big ideas in straightforward language, and illustrating activities that are difficult to film. We can guide you through the process from beginning to end.

City of Richmond – controlling knotweed


The City of Richmond is identifying and eliminating knotweed on city property, but they need landowners to join the fight on private property.

They wanted a video to explain the dangers of knotweed, how to identify it, and what to do it’s found. UpperStory Films collaborated on the script and created the animation with regular feedback and revisions.


We create custom animation to fit your brand and video needs.

From motion graphics to whiteboard explainers to hand drawn animation, we can help you choose the style that will make you stand out.

Goodly Foods – selling sustainable soup

Goodly Foods is using up surplus produce, employing people who face barriers, and making healthy, all-natural soups. They also partner with like-minded organizations, and they needed a video to thank their sponsors.

We created a live action video of their organization in action, and added animation sequences to highlight their star sponsors and explain their impact.