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We offer standalone sales videos, payable in 3 installments,

or a series of content marketing videos for social media,

payable as a monthly subscription

Standalone Sales Video

Best for sales meetings, presentations, or your featured video on your website.

Average cost is $3000 – $5000.

Standalone Sales Video

United We Can – selling ideas of corporate responsibilty and professionalism

United We Can is a bottle recycling facility that was originally started by binners and for binners. They have expanded and now also run a commerical beverage container recycling program for restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality businesses.

They needed a video in which respected clients could give testimonials and where their facilities could be showcased. They used it on their website, but its main purpose was in one-on-one sales meetings to seal the deal.


Social Media and Sales

Video Series

Social media videos for content marketing needs, and the final video is useful in sales meetings, presentations, and as your featured video on your website.

Price depends on how much content you need filmed and edited monthly, but our set bundle is $1000 for the first month, then $500/month. Minimum 7 month commitment for our set bundle.



Film testimonial #1 and b-roll of your product or service in action  

Deliver 4 video headers and one text testimonial as website and social media content


Deliver 1 short social media video testimonial (around 30 sec),

1 short social media promo video (around 30 sec) of your product and a call to action,

and two image testimonials (photo with brief quote)


Film up to a half day of b-roll of your product ore service in action 

Deliver a full length 2 – 3 minute testimonial #1 video



Peace Garden – selling the ideas of peace and sustainability

Peace Garden is a landscaping design and maintenance company – but clients choose owner Che Nolan because of his dedication to natural, organic gardening, his determination to keep his worksite quiet and peaceful, and his easygoing personality.

Che’s videos needed to showcase these elements and inspire his audience to reach out, while keeping in line with his company’s peaceful energy.


Whether you’re selling a product, a service, or an idea, our impact sales videos are designed to inspire and motivate your audience to buy.